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                Shenzhen EEGSmart Technology Co., Ltd, founded in March 2015, is the first EEG-centered solution provider of bioinformatics sensor combined with artificial intelligence analysis in China, and establishes cooperative research with worldwide top universities and promotes industrialization.

                EEGSmart embraces multiple bio-electrical application patents and critical algorithms, and autonomously develops multiple software-hardware combined BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) system, which collects high-precision EEG data in real time. With the research outcomes of cognitive psychology, it analyzes people’s mental state such as fatigue, excitement, concentration, relaxation, alertness and etc. This provides commercialized solutions in bioinformatics sensors and artificial intelligence, for both health?and entertainment areas.

                EEGSmart has been determined to develop the world's leading bio-electric artificial intelligence wearable device, build big data analysis and content service platform of EEG, and provide SDK to intelligent hardware manufacturers and developers, and jointly build an industrial ecological chain and ecosystem of smart bioelectric devices.

                EEGSmart provides?bioinformatics sensor and artificial intelligence solutions, with both technology and product manufacturing.

                At present, EEGSmart mainly focuses on health and entertainment. The typically distinguished products in these two fields are UMindSleep -- mini EEG Sleep monitor that tracks whole night sleep stages and UDrone -- Mind-control drone kit that is manipulated by brainwaves.

                Additionally, solutions for health?and entertainment also includes:

                Health Solutions:

                EEG Sleep Monitoring

                EEG Music Emotion Regulation

                EEG Meditation Monitoring

                EEG Fatigue Monitoring

                Entertainment ?Solutions:

                Mind-concrol Toy

                Mind-concrol Game

                VR EEG Interaction VR

                Home UDrone UMindSleep Contact

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